Robert Kresse, Cyprus

Consultant, Entrepreneur
After 2 years of being an Elite Client

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Robert Oosthout, The Netherlands

Lawyer, Entrepreneur


Richard John, The Netherlands

Manager,  Property Owner

“I absolutely loved the structured approach of the programme. A regimen of returning tools and techniques sprinkled with surprising exercises and challenges.
I would recommend Michel as a coach because of his directness, the capability to identify sticking points and sincere, what I would like to call, “listen-ability”. It is the X-Factor what makes the difference in a coach.

The tools combined with Michels’ coaching made that I am not the man I used to be before.”


Markus Becker, Germany

Entrepreneur, Property Owner


Michaela Wild, USA

Entrepreneur, Coach


Annemarie Koppenaal, The Netherlands

Coach, Property Owner


Ivan Tashveer, Malaysia

Entrepreneur, CEO and Health Expert


S.M., Germany

Dr. Med./ MD, Germany

“Das Coaching mit Michel war sehr hilfreich, um mein Verhalten unter Druck besser kennenzulernen und daran zu modellieren.
Indem ich wöchentlich meine To-Do-Liste hatte und dann zu unserem appointment die Woche revue passieren durfte.
Hier hatte ich die Gelegenheit mit Michèl an meinen Stärken und Schwächen zu modellieren.
Vielen Dank für diese Erfahrung!

The coaching with Michel was very helpful in getting to know myself and modeling my behavior under pressure.
By having my to-do-list every week and then reviewing the week at our appointment I had the opportunity to use
Michèl to model my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for this experience!”


J.J. Lim, Malaysia

Entrepreneur and Energy Expert


Jimit Mehta, Singapore

Enterpreneur and CEO