Michèl Keller

Entrepreneur, International Trainer, Coach and Mentor
Expert in Communications, Success and Peak Performance

Within the span of a few short years, a once financially struggling actor became financially free.
Today, Michèl is traveling the world teaching thousands of students how to achieve the same in record time.

Michèl is a highly sought-after international success & peak performance coach and mentor. Over the last 25 years, he has helped thousands of individuals and organizations improve their communications, maximizing their marketing and increasing their sales. He has been working with large corporations (DAX) as well as small business owners. Currently, he has several businesses running, has published 2 books (the next one is on its way) and he is financially free.

But life wasn’t always like this. He started out as an actor and then became a director and producer. In the industry, he is well-known and was fortunate to work with acclaimed actors and Academy Award winners like Christoph Waltz, Klaus Maria Brandauer as well as many other renowned artists.

But for years he was struggling financially to support his family. He couldn’t do as he wanted. This made him feel miserable, desperate and sad, realizing that his life wasn´t really going as planned. One day, he reached the point of no return.

Realizing that in order to live the life he wants, change must take place. Thus, he became an NLP Master Trainer, a Psychotherapist, and certified Coach and Trainer. His life started to move in the right direction and financially he was doing better. His life was okay. But he wasn’t prepared to settle for just okay!

Then he came across effective systems and great role models and teachers. This had a great impact on him. By implementing what he learned, he not only became financially but also emotionally free. Today he is living a magnificent life.

When you start connecting the dots life becomes so much easier. The question is: do you take action, implement and stick to it?

That´s why his mission and purpose is to change people’s lives globally to become successful as well. Because the systems work!

I have experienced it myself and have seen it again and again and again. If I can do it, you can do it easily. The distance from where you are to where you want to be is just a grasp away! Grab it!”

How it is today:

As the founder of X-change-your-life, an international training academy for personal development and business leadership he is changing the X in your life to transform what you really can be.

As a respected Coach, Master Trainer and Psychotherapist he truly loves and lives what he is teaching.

He had the chance to work and learn from such outstanding international mentors, coaches and trainers like Mel Abraham, Richard Bandler, Brendon Burchard, T. Harv Eker, JT Foxx, Robert Kiyosaki, Alex Mandossian, Karl Nielsen, Blair Singer, Tony Robbins, George Tabori and more.

His way of applying:

Through his unique methodology, he helped thousands of clients reaching their full potential by raising their skills to a higher level. And encouraging them to achieve peak performances in business, sales, relationships, and life.

Now it’s Your turn. Get in contact with us. We are happy to help you in any way!